Harp Petting Zoo!

The Harp Petting Zoo onstage at Bedford Hall UW Parkside. The three pedal harps belong to the University - 2 modern Grand Concert Venus harps and 1 vintage Lyon and Healy style 16 from 1927. 
Saturday March 24th UW Parkside hosted a Harp Petting Zoo.

We had 12 harps on stage of all shapes and sizes - Harps with pedals, harps with levers, harps without levers, old harps, new harps - it was quite a sight to see them all when I set the stage the night before.

I got the idea when the Kenosha Symphony took their instruments down to the harbor market a few years ago as part of an "Instrument Petting Zoo" to let folks get close to musical instruments in a new and interesting way.

The "Zoo" was free and open to the public and more than 50 folks aged 3 to over 70, who had never touched a harp before, got to get up close and personal and play.

It was so exciting to see the joy people get from "meeting" harps and I was thrilled there was so much interest.

I could NOT have done it without the help of my current harp students who gave over 2 hours of their time to help answer questions about the harps and guide people in putting their hands on the strings.

I also have to thank the staff at UW Parkside without whose help the event would not have been possible and all the folks in the Kenosha area media who got the word out ahead of time.

Photo from today's story in the Kenosha News - please click the link to read the article and see more pictures.

The Kenosha News sent a reporter and put together a wonderful story with photos that you can link to here.

Thank you everyone - I'm pretty sure we will do this again!!

Harp For Sale!!

Lyon and Healy Folk Harp For Sale - Green

For more images click here.

For Sale:

Lyon and Healy Folk Harp

Finish: Deep Green

Number of Strings: 34

Year Built: 2000

Serial Number: 2884

Reason For Sale: Downsizing

Condition: fair

Included: Tuning Key

Price: $1,500

This harp was purchased by my mother (a professional harpist) in 2000. It is in fair condition and is being sold as is. I am uncertain when it was last regulated and do not know the age of the existing strings.

There are some small areas of damage to the finish - primarily on the back where it will only be seen by the player. Click on the link by the photo of this harp to see pictures that include this damage.
Also, unfortunately, the harp has become separated from its original case so the buyer will need to purchase or make a cover for it. (The official Lyon and Healy folk harp carrying case is currently available online for $175.) The harp does come with two sets of extra legs - one set is the same height as the legs currently pictured on the harp, the other set is longer.

Excellent harp for a beginner looking to get started playing on an instrument with pedal harp tension at an affordable price.

Local pick up preferred. If shipping is required all shipping expenses and arrangements will be the responsibility of the buyer.

This harp is in Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Chicago. If you are interested in buying this instrument please email: annesharp@tds.net

Harpfest UW Parkside 2017

Last year's Harpfest was so much fun that we decided to do it again!

Saturday, August 5th from 9:00 am to 5:15 pm we will once again gather on the University of Wisconsin Parkside campus on the beautiful Bedford Hall stage.

There are special sessions for those curious about harp who've never - or seldom -  had the opportunity to play one as well as sessions for folks already playing harp.

For detailed information about cost, sessions, parking, registration, etc. click here to be redirected to the UW Parkside Harpfest 2017 page.

A note - we took to heart the input we received after last year's workshop and this year there will be less talking and more chances for participants to actually play the harps!

Hope to see you there!!

Anne Morse Hambrock

Harpfest 2016 - UW Parkside


UW Parkside Harpfest 2016! 

Have you always wanted to play the harp but don't know how to get started? 

Or are you already playing harp but want to take your playing to another level? 

If so, Harpfest 2016 is for you!

The UW-Parkside HarpFest 2016 is an inclusive one-day harp workshop and concert. Designed to serve both current lever and pedal harp students, and those who wish to get started exploring the harp, the event is open to all ages and levels of harp proficiency. A special session will be geared towards harp enthusiasts who have not yet purchased a harp or begun lessons. For the current harp student there will be classes on honing your skills, pushing to the next level, choosing a college, and evaluating careers available in harp. Also included will be a Masterclass, a harp ensemble “jam” session and a concert by our clinician.

This workshop is open to harpists and non harpists from 3 to 8 grade, high school students, college students, amateurs, professionals, and harp enthusiasts. 

Our clinician for HarpFest 2016 is Anne Morse Hambrock harp professor at UW Parkside and Carthage College and principal harpist with The Kenosha Symphony. Ms. Morse Hambrock is also well known as a solo performer specializing in Jazz Harp and improvisation as well as Celtic and Classical repertoire. Ms. Morse Hambrock has been helping harp students of all levels find their unique "harp voice" for over 30 years.

The workshops are at UW-Parkside "The Rita" in the music wing. Sessions are held in rehearsal room D184. Concert will take place in Bedford Concert Hall. For directions click here. Parking is available in Lot B.  

HarpFest 2016 is on Saturday, August 20.  

Registration starts at 8:30 am and the concert begins at 4:30 pm. See our day schedule below.  For full descriptions of each session scroll to the end of the page.

There will be 20 harps of various sizes and types provided. Participants who wish to bring their own harp are welcome to do so but should email annesharp@tds.net ahead of time for planning purposes.

Day Schedule
8:30 Registration 
(pick up welcome packet if pre-registered and also late on-site registration for higher fee - see below)
9:00 Welcome and first session “So You Want To Play The Harp: Getting Started”

10:15 “Diving In: Tips for beginners and intermediate players”

11:30 “Tips For Harp As A Career And For Choosing A College”

12:30 Bag Lunch 

1:00 Masterclass

3:15 Ensemble “Jam” 

4:30 Concert 

(Note: schedule will be subject to the number of registrants)  

Please download the registration form by following this link click here. Early Registration costs are $75 for the day or $15 per session and early registration deadline is August 17th.  Harpfest day registration costs (August 20) are $100 for the day or $20 per session. Please note that there will be no refunds. Minors will need to bring a parent consent form,
available here.

Lunch will NOT be provided. Please bring all you need for lunch for the day. 

Harp participants will need a three ring binder stocked with lined paper and staff paper for taking notes. Harps will be provided but students may bring their own instruments if they prefer. Master class participants should bring a copy for the clinician of the music they are going to perform.

Teachers who bring 3 or more students will get a free admission to the workshop. 

All family members accompanying student participants may stay in the workshop for no additional fee.  

Master Class
Master class is taught by our clinician. Master class has a limited enrollment; to participate as a performer, send an email to
annesharp@tds.net with your name and title of work you intend to play.

Non performing attendees are welcome to observe from the audience.

Detailed Session Description

So You Want To Play The Harp: Getting Started
Introducing the different kinds of harps
Shopping for a harp – the good, the bad, and the ugly
Teach yourself to play – pros and cons
Finding a teacher

Diving In: Tips For Beginners And Intermediate Players 
What role does hand position play
Navigating the harp without reading music
Beginning sight reading tips
Tuning tips and managing levers and pedals
Choosing music if you are teaching yourself

Tips For Harp As A Career And For Choosing A College
Arranging and improvisation tips
Sight reading - how much do I need it?
Gigging 101
Harp as a therapy tool
Choosing a college  

Get personalized instruction from our clinician in a group setting. Participants will play a piece of no more than 10 minutes. All ages and playing levels. Limit 8. Non performing attendees are welcome to observe from the audience.

Ensemble Jam
Have fun playing with other harpists on easy pieces. All ages and playing levels – improvisation tips will be provided for players who do not read music or do not sight read well.


Ensemble – 2 pieces (anyone who played in the ensemble jam session is welcome to play  - the only limitation will be dictated by how many instruments we have.)

Masterclass participants – 2 will be chosen, 8 minute maximum length of piece

Clinician Anne Morse Hambrock – an assortment of jazz, celtic and classical music